Saturday, 30 May 2009

im losing sumthing....(againnnn)

dear diary....

im so bored!!.....

last week i juz quit from my part time job hehe

but i felt regret actuly because the boss (aunty) so cool and nice

eventhough the salary is to small

but the job description doesnt involve any stress and presure

+ some more the boss is the cool-est boss i ever work with... aiyakkk (rugi rugi)

why i quit the job??...
alamak but the problem is i dun like rutine job hehehe...

after resign (nice word than cabut lari :P)
so make me boring lg la...aiyakkk


eh back to the topic i lost 3 things bad+ good thing...

bad :
  • my black ring - syg sgt! :( since kt kolej kot i pakai
  • my earing - sebelah je ilang so jgn pelik kalau i pakai sbelah lain okey heee :P
good :

  • weight!!! hehe - another 2kg ^_^
(7+kg --> 5+kg)

p/s : sgt enjoy dpt chill out ngn cik naza+cik farah+dik is+cik b.b+nu frenz ^_~