Thursday, 30 April 2009

girls nite out+latest diner

dear diary....

fuhhh alhamdulilah lepas satu paper lagi aku ptg tadi...naseb baek la soalan xsesusah yg djangke kan (soklan je senang jwpn stil ssh ahakss)...rase lega 50% paper final exam ku sudah selesai,budak rumah ku pulak ade yang dah abes paper arini (cessss) kejap lagi kami nak hang out n chill together-gether sebagai ganti farewell party yg dimansuhkan (sori girls mayb nextime k)

btw im gonna missh u all la babe...
wish me luck 4 next coming paper n
gudluck 4 ur cming future
hopefully we still keep in touch n
dun u ever dare forget bout me okeyyy!..muahhxx ^_^

p/s:mlmnikiteenjoy!! ^_^

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


dear diary....

It's Smiley Alba!

YESsica should smile more often. Like all the time!

Then she should smack Leonardo DiCrapio with the smiley stick!

We almost hate to say it, but Alba looks pretty cute when she doesn't have her usual shitface on.

Don't Call Me Latina YESsica was spotted on Tuesday, leaving a friend's home in Beverly Hills, following a playdate for her daughter, cutie Honor Marie.

And we don't know what got into her, but Alba laughed it up.

Smiles make the world a better place!


Monday, 20 April 2009

'no more tears'.. tagline johson&johnson bby shampoo.......

no more tears 4 him!!

p/s : iloveu

Saturday, 18 April 2009

shooting 4 drama + diner PGN

dear diary....

hi diary!!...long time didnt update the latest posting rite...hurm so ni aku nak cite la pasal even terbaru yg berlaku dlm idup ku selain hati pecah...huhuhu las few days i was inviting to b an extra actress in the drama by my sis boy..woww! i was so excited cz it is opportunity 4 me to gain a new experience eventho dis not my thing actuly...the location were stated at lim kok wing U cyberjaya n it was my first time there and the place its absolutely great!! lots of hot n sexy guys n girl tho~fuhhh... i meet liyana jasmay, kamal(xkenal tp damn hot),zarina AF, hairi othman n few girl yg xtau name...actuly im 1 of liyana jasmay fan but since that day i do FUCK her..whuahuahua siyesly gedix lor pompuan ni sombong giler klu dgn crew2 lain mmg la die terggedix2 tp ngn other extra actor pandang pon x bkn nk kate senyum aisshhhh xbaek taw! i think maybe she underestimated people like 'us' o die bajet pemes(tp mmg pemes pon)hehe,1 of d extra actor degree holder kot hurmm n plus obviously maybe there's 'sumthing' happen between liyana n kamal but du i give a damn?? hell NO!!...hahaha i think maybe she feel threathen by us la sebb tu die mencanang2 kn nye...whuawhua3x...ishh byk na aku cite pasal minah xcukup zat neh NEXT!...kamal?not bad la nuetral je nak kate sombong xsombong nak kate peramah pon tidak....zarina AF??...i adored with this girl n after yesterday aku minat gile kat die ni coz die naturally peramah n baek sgt2 eventho on that day she not hot jz like other 'pompuan' tp die nampak cantik dgn budi bahasa n pe yg penting bkn kerjasama okey haha tp die tak plastik! hokeyy...huhu...hairie othman?...neutral gak tp agak 'notty'^_~ bt stil look hensem...n sum other actor n actress yg aku xtau name boleh thn friendly...penat giler time tu evetho jz an extra kan hahaha poyos

diner PGN (pra graduation nite)..
ermm besh giler n i was had a really gud time eventho mule2 sbenarnyer aku xjadi g cz certain circumtances tp aku g gak la cz ade housemate n clasmate ku tp cik lin xdpt 13org pergi ngn dua kereta clasmate ku naek estima housemate naek waja...kami sampai agak lewat tp xde la lewat sgt coz lg ramai yg lewat dri kitorg haha...i was sitting the same table with my clasmate n dorg mmg hapening eventho aku rase 'pengaruh' kami xberape kuat mlm td sbb majlis ni more concentrate on diploma graduate n we as dgree graduate rase terpnggir (ecehhh) klu x for sure best student award akan digondol oleh clasmate ku yg amat cemerlang...ahaksss ^_^ btw all girl n guys look gorjes with krung/kebaye n blazer as our bad,tp xpedas so xadventure (chinese food) tp still table kami cam ikan pirahna even dpt plg lmbt tp abes plg awl...hahaha brader yg serve table kami pon siap tergelak n boleh beramah mesra lg hokeyyy..whuawhua3x we had a really gud time n plus NASH was performing las nite (rox star beb!!)...after diner i had a few fotografi session with ma clasmate n housemate n also few of my fren from diploma course then we move bck from the eqotorial hotel tp sblm tu we all jln2 bndar melake menikmati suasane mlm ngn lampu berkemelipan n singgah umah cik.murni coz die xthn nak bkn coz der hal siket..ahaksss (maap cik murni j.k)huhu....cik emy xngantuk so die leh drive dgn lajunyer aku yg pki contact lens neh serba slh nk tido tp las2 aku tido gak..(xpedulik)..huhu balek2 je mandi cuci rambut yg keras bak dawai n cuci mekap then terus selamatt...wasalammmm ^_^

p/s: sweet memory before final exam n praktical, gud luck guys!!...

Sunday, 5 April 2009

quote of the day...

"Everybody changes. I love fashion, and I love changing my style, my hair, my makeup, and everything I've done in the past has made me what I am now. Not everyone is going to like what I do, but I look back at everything, and it makes me smile."

- Victoria Beckham, on how she feels when she looks back at photos of herself as Posh Spice, to the new issue of Time magazine....damn hot!!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

sy tak sedar sy hilang.....

dear diary....

sorry diary,dis week was a really bz week for me dats y i cant updating u 4 somtime...damnn im sooo tired! can u imagine i've got report submission due date, test, presentation n plus dis weekn i've got seminar that compulsory for me to attend it...fuhhhh (giler la beb)
there's 1 day when i've got global marketing subject presentation on d next da, i didnt even sleep from the nite until 5p.m after d presentation plus ive got nite clas on dat day (slalunyer slambe je aku ponteng tp dsebabkn lame dh xketemu ngn en.syed yg comeyy terpakse la pg) ahakss... ^_~ poyos pdahal name dh up hahaha even i jz cme to see my fren do the presentation but it was absolutely worth it bcoz their preparation 4 d presentation was really cool n tip top! got free meal 4 diner also...aishh i likee! hehehe (suspek la babe!)...however my presentation 4 GM was not really bad and worth it also coz got complimentation from the lecturer...heeee ^_~ wink

because of my 'busy-ness' i dun even realize recently ive lost something that is quite important to me...guest wat??...
heee suspen je lebih actuly xde la penting sgt bg org lain pon... :P
i've lost both of my glasses which 1 aku selalu gune time drive n the other 1 aku gune time dalam klass wuaaaaa walaupun kehilangan brg satu perkare yg tidak asing lg bg aku yg ader problem short term memory lost nih tp kedua2 spek ni amat penting buat ku so sgt sedih la!! cz aku syg sgt dua2 spek tu (ssh wooo nk cri shape tuh)... kalau xde glasses yg dlm kete tuh makneyer penglihatan ku ketika drive d waktu mlm atau ujan amat la terbatas dan study glasses tu plak kalau tak der maknenyer dlm klas aku akan blur blur je sebab xnampak pe yg ditulis oleh lecturer atau dlm slide show...ermm
selain 2 glasses aku yg ilang aku bru pasan jgk,aku ilang rantai itam yg selalu tergantung d leher ku ntah bile cicir la aku pon tak tau...brg2 free item aku dpt time beli latop aritu pon still missing in action gk (M.i.A) aisshhh...klu setakat cd kosong,mouse n headfon je yg ilang xpe tp dlm plastik beg yg ilang bersame brg2 tu ade gak software norton anti virus yg ori n pendrive 4 gig pon ilang gak adoiiii hmmmm...alamak mate dh ngantuk gile ni sok pg der modul lak tuh continue cite esok la ek diary daaaaa nanite!...


heeee aku sambung kt cni je la mls nk semakan blog ngn byk2 post huuuu...
eh smlm punye cite cam dah abes je pe nak sambung lgik...heeee
arini punye cite lak
aku kebosanan thap cipan sebab dh la terpakse pegi modul yg bosan thap cipan tuh xpegi kang xgrad lak aku then balek je got no mood to do any asignment yg menimbun tgh que...hmmm wat am i supose to do ptg2 ni ekk??...tido?? ala dah puas tido time modul tadi hahaha ^_~... erm i think either im going to jogging o g salon o g spa...
hhmmm which 1 ekk??
jogging the most cheaper cz no need to spend any money but i want to realese my 'tired-ness' ni jogging akan menambahkan penat ku lgik ade la hahaha
em 2nd choice pegi spa sbelah umah buat masaj n facial??..
erm sounds gud tp costly plak hahaha
(ma parent didnt bank in my elaun yet plak tu adoiiii)

last option confirm im going to SALON je la!...heee ^_^
affordable yet relaxing!!...bdn ku amat la saket2 lately nih so perkena masaj can recharge my energy back kot..huuuuu

'delight cut' here i come...^_~

p/s: i lost weight also la heeeee ^_^...lost yg paling mengembirakan ku!!