Saturday, 6 September 2008

hari ini dalam sejarah...

dear diary...
today nothing interesting happen
today my internet marketing lect told us to post atleast 40post on our blog in order to get 15 % of d course mark(wowwwww!) dats make us excited to blogging eventhough b4 dis i used to have a blog but i always forgot d username n d password so its missing in action..huhu
actuli there's 1 interesting thing happened 2day hehe
guess wht??
i went to finance klas!(friday sesion) for the 1st time today
y im not going b4 dis??
1st - dis klas was start at 2pm on friday!how come?? me bz bck to kl la or if im not bck to my home im bz sleep la hehe
2nd - dis subject is really sux(hate calculation..wawawwa)
3rd - lecturer of dis subjek sux..wennngggg(1st time blaming lect,opsss sori miss astagfirullah ;p)
4th - im born naturally lazy go to clazz...whuahuahua
so dats a few reason y im not going to dis klas...hehehe dat klas makes me the most bz girl on friday(other people bz going bck to homtown...wawawawa how could uitm do dis to me)...hehe after bck from d klas im going to d bazar with my housemate(luvin it cz 'nice' viewwwww tho ^_~wink...) im breking d fast @ 7.4opm lil late cz me overslept hehe after eat me sleep again(sleep3x..there u go fat gal) n wake up at 10 n till now im bz blogging after i eat 'mee rebus'(eat sleep sleep eat hahaha)...
to be continnued....