Sunday, 7 September 2008

story to tell...

dear diary....
recently i watched lots of old muvie tht used to famous such as jerry mcguire, edward n scissor hands, heart n soul, my super ex gf n etc...the lates 1 i watched 'the notebook' recomended by som1...he thought it was such a gud n romantic muvie so he recomend to me to watched it, so i download it from ares n watched it at first i thought it was boring cz the muvie starting with an old man( ceh hero tue...mule2 ak p.k hehe) reading a story book to old woman in d nursing house..the story is a love story bout how allie(rachel mcadams) n noah(ryan gosling) first met in the carnival n falling in love with each other..but they r separated by allie's parent who is come from rich fmily disaproved noah unwealthy fmily..after several years allie waiting for letter from noah(but none) she find some1 speacial in her life young, handsome, rich, kind n so perfect guy n she's engaged with him..she saw his(noah) picture on d paper b4 she get married so bcause of she stil cnt forget bout her 1st luve(noah) she's cme bck to the 200 year old house tht noah renovate bck for her to see if he's ok n to sure whther they still have feeling 4 each other...n after the meeting she has to choose his 1st luve o his fiance to get married with n she choose his first luve....the old man actuly is noah n the old woman is allie..allies got memory problem so her husband always tell her bout their story in order to remind her bout their luve(the notebook is empty actuli) n they end up die together....the end
mayb im not a gud story teller so u should watched it by urself...njoy!
p/s : ryan gosling(noah young) used to act in disney muvie(if im not mistaken) n he so skinny during tht time but in this muvie he's hawt!...huhuhu ^_~